the Community Foundation for the people of Kirklees.

The Kirklees General Fund

The Fund supports charities and voluntary groups operating in Kirklees.

The General Fund is comprised of 8 funds (see below). These funds have combined their giving to increase the availability of grants, by opening on a quarterly basis.

J L Brierley Fund

Established by John L Brierley Ltd, this fund has an interest in supporting voluntary activity across Kirklees.

Hazel Charlesworth Fund

This fund was established by Hazel, and while it is happy to fund Kirklees charities, it has a particular interest in Lindley.

Judith & Neil Charlesworth Fund

Local donors, Judith and Neil have a special interest in the Huddersfield post code areas of HD1, HD3 and HD7; although they will support voluntary groups from across Kirklees.

Kirklees General Fund

This fund supports voluntary activity across Kirklees, and was created with the transfer of moribund charitable trusts totalling, £439,219.

Stephen Wood Fund

Local donor Stephen has a wide interest in community activities, and set up his fund to support voluntary activities throughout Kirklees

Westerman Fund

This Fund supports the relief of people in Kirklees (including children) with disabilities, mental health problems and illnesses; and/or, the education and development of young persons under the age of 21.

Community First General Fund / Grassroots General Fund

These funds were established with the support of several local donors and both support Kirklees voluntary activity.

Kirklees Police Fund

This fund will support voluntary activity and charities across Kirklees.


This fund opens on a quarterly basis (see below), and you can apply for up to £1,000. 

  • Winter Funding Round Opens 1st February - Closes 28th February
  • Spring Funding Round Opens 1st May - Closes 31st May
  • Summer Open 1st July - Closes 31st August
  • Autumn Open 1st October - Closes 31st October


If you are unsure if your group can make an application, please call us for more information: (01484) 468397

The link to our online application form - will appear here on Monday 1st May, 2017

Want to make a funding application? Read our guidelines first...