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The Longley Farm Fund 

The principle purpose of the Longley Farm Fund is to support artistic and cultural activities, but it will also consider supporting general funding applications from voluntary groups in the beneficial area.

The fund welcomes applications from the following beneficial areas only: Holmfirth, Austonley, Upperthong, Holme, Cartworth, Wooldale, Hepworth, Fulstone and Netherthong.

Last year, five groups were awarded funding, including: Holmfirth Film Festival (£700) for production of a local film, Hepworth Band (£500) to fund a summer concert, Friends of Hinchliffe School (£500) to create an artwork to celebrate the Tour de France, and Christ Church New Mill (£500) for organ repairs.

Picture details: (above left) In 2011, the Holme Valley Orchestra were awarded £500 for the production of a CD to showcase their music; (above right) Wooldale Meals on Wheels received £270 in 2013 for insurance and petrol costs, (Pic ack: Huddersfield Examiner).

This fund is now closed to applications - it opens again in August 2017.

If you are unsure if your group can make an application, please call us for more information: (01484) 468397

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