the Community Foundation for the people of Kirklees.

Skilled volunteers

Have you got the skills, experience or passion to help a great idea shine?

Sometimes people with a bright idea need a little help to make it a shining success. This can involve money but often it’s just help from people who can shape the idea to make it achievable.

Time investors

To help go from bright idea to shining success, we need ‘time investors’ – specialist volunteers who have the talents and skills to nurture an idea to its full potential.

If you have skills to offer, are brilliant at innovation or have experience of working in communities we would very much like you to volunteer to help individuals and groups grow their ideas and attract the investment they need.

What’s involved?

  • We think helping an idea grow will take roughly six half-days between October and December.
  • We hope to get applications from people across Kirklees and we’ll match a team of up to three volunteers to each shortlisted bright idea.
  • We’re also encouraging local employers to donate staff time to support Bright Ideas. If you think your employer would like to donate your time please get in touch.


To sign up or find out more


Call:  01484 468397

Big Impact

We’ll make sure that all time and cash invested in bright ideas will be directed:

  • where they are needed – wherever possible we will make use of existing resources (including those of our partners) and in-kind donations
  • where they will grow – we will prioritise ideas that have the potential to be replicated in other areas, or where they will scale up significantly
  • where they will make a measurable difference – we will work with individuals and groups to make sure they know how to track the difference they are making