the Community Foundation for the people of Kirklees.

Smart investment

If you want to see your money make an impact, the Bright Ideas Fund is for you!

To go from bright idea to big impact we need charitable donors who want to invest their money into something that gives the best possible social return.

We’ve already secured £50,000 from Kirklees Council’s grant fund and we want to match this with funds from private individuals, or groups who want to see a significant social return on their investment. We also think that the value of ‘time investment’ from skilled volunteers will double that again.


Big Impact

We’ll make sure that all time and cash invested in Bright Ideas will be directed:

  • where it is needed – wherever possible we will make use of existing resources (including those of our partners) and in-kind donations
  • where it will grow – we will prioritise ideas that have the potential to be replicated in other areas, or where they will scale up significantly
  • where it will make a measurable difference – we will work with individuals and groups to make sure they know how to track the difference they are making

To find out more contact Sir John Harman, Chair of One Community, at:


Call: 01484 468397