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The Bright Green Community Trust Fund 2018

The Bright Green Community Trust (BGCT), has been launched to provide grant funding for projects, across the Holme Valley Parish and the Graveship of Holme. This fund has been set up by HoTTWind@Longley Ltd, a community benefit society that operates a wind turbine which supplies green electricity to Longley Farm, near Holmfirth.

The fund will ensure that the community wind turbine, whilst having obvious environmental benefits, will also provide significant benefits to local people. The BGCT Fund will be administered by One Community, the Community Foundation for Kirklees.


1st Holme Valley (Holmfirth) Scouts: £1,000 (Replace lighting with energy efficient LEDs & replace floodlighting; Earthworks £1,350 (Buy and erect a wooden shelter); Fairandfunky CIC £700 (Pilot an educational project); Friends of Honley £500 (Adopt two areas of land: Moorbottom and Mag Fields); Friends of Wooldale Junior School £2,000 (Purchase gardening equipment for pupils - see picture, top left); Holmfirth Methodist Church £2,000 (Installation of six more double glazed units in the worship area of the church); Honley Village Community Trust £1,000 (Replace water heater boiler); HOTT Incredible Edible Group £2,000 (Fund an initial showcase planting area to generate interest in the creation of further areas); River Holme Connections £500 (Purchase of tables and chairs, computer, and equipment); Streetbikes £2,000 (Set up a recycling project); Yorkshire Wildlife Trust £1,950 (Materials and equipment).


1. Make sure your project is located in this area: Please click here to view a map of the beneficial area, (illustrated by the blue border line).

2. Before completing your application, please click on the 'Calculating & Reducing Carbon Emissions' image (below). This opens a 2-page pdf document, in a separate window), which explains how you can calculate and reduce carbon emissions.

3. You will need to explain how your project will reduce carbon emissions in section 2 of your online application form.

4. Funding must directly benefit local community projects and initiatives, such as:

  • Projects that have clear environmental benefits
  • Community food growing projects
  • Energy efficiency or saving projects
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Educational projects with a sustainability angle
  • Projects that reduce or prevent pollution
  • Projects that alleviate fuel poverty, by reducing energy consumption
  • Carbon reduction projects that involve or promote biodiversity or conservation work
  • Sustainability projects 

5. All projects must be community-based, reduce carbon emissions and contribute towards a more sustainable future for the Holme Valley community.

**Before completing your application, please read this document, which explains how you can calculate and reduce carbon emissions.**

Applications are invited up to £3,000 (and can also be part of a contribution towards a higher cost project). Larger grants may, in exceptional circumstances, be awarded at the discretion of the grants panel. Projects must be within the Holme Valley Parish boundary, (incorporating the Graveship of Holme), see the map on the One Community website.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants are required to explain how their project will reduce carbon emissions, directly or indirectly. If you would like some help with thinking about this please contact Holmfirth Transition Town at